My JoUrNeY 2014

S Memo-1MY JoUrNeY 2014
Finally the time has come to prove myself….as usual the big heads pointed me wat u r upto… im left with nothng rather than a graduation certificate statng 89.2 percnt aggregate. All my goals to reach the heights have fade down….the positive hopes shrinked to nothng..lost seat in iits with my bad performnce in gate with 3000 rank…not short listed among top in barc and isro interview. Not even a single hope raised me up …..that day i was in no mood to sleep ……


.my achievemnts drained away at once…but my commitment towards my goal ie to be an iitian gave me a little hope the next day…headed hyd joined ace on 4 may …this is the first time im taking coachng towards my goal..i used to rather believe in textbooks but my heart suggestd for good coachng…when i enterd the cls on my strtng day it was completely full with 350 students compact under 4walls with few AC’s workng. It was like my local market ….as the days passed upgraded my brain with good technical stuff the faculty are outstanding…….as usual on a day i was listng to machns cls suddenly my eyes droped on a gal sat at my vicinity ..she was very cute and her smile was damn good …as usual as the days pasd i noticd her durng breaks she was very descnt and reserved…hope she is frm good family…i thought to be her friend but out of embarrasment im unable to make it so…but i dared to ask her notes which i missed during morning hrs..but she unhesistngly gave a positive response ….till date am with good technical knowledge and with some curiousity to talk to her………..and finaly im confident dat i can stand against top 100 rankers in gate 2014 …. Keep reading readers:) ,


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