Is she cRaZy ?

Today I headed my day a bit faster than before,quickly woke up from bed,ate the routine upma …and was eager to reach my college faster, as we have cultural fest in our campus.
So waiting for 16D bus at a stop nearer to my home ,laid on to pole near stop and gazing for the arrival of bus…not only that but waiting for a girl who usually comes to the stop at the same time as I do,I couldn’t make my sight fall on surroundings rather than on her . she was looking more beautifull than before in white t-shirt and blue jeans….today I decided to talk with her ,got sucked up just watching her not talking since six months .
I made a move towards her with a little fear in mind…and stood beside her and said in a low pitch “ hellooo….”.she in no confusion slaped me (patttt)!!! . In a convinced pose said “hey just wanted to talk with u friendly I don’t mean anything….!
!!! In a shrivel voice she replied…idiot y didn’t u do it before…me waited dese all days to talk with u…”people around them happened to smile gently looking at their conversation….!
In dis way a love story begins………………………
To Be contd.


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