fascinating of all relationships…………”friendship”.

By j.p,anupam.

FRIENDSHIP is a relationship that has the strongest,and also the frailest,of bonds.If there many incredible stories of loyalty that are centred around this relationship,there are perhaps twice as many that end up in disappointment.
If people have given up kingdoms for friendship,they have also betrayed friends for the preverbial thirty pieces of silver.And thet is why frienship remains among the most facinating of relationships.

Of course there are types of friends and friendships. I am not referring to links that are formed at workplace or in social circles or in the neighbourhood.These associations are conveniently geographic in nature and change when we move out of our jobs or localities.

The relationships im referring to are ones foreged during the early years,in an age of trust and innocence and much before one is exposed to wiles,greed and commerce.It is not that friendship is an easy relationship;indeed there are too few friendships that last through the decades ,through all the ups and downs that bestows on us.

The reasons may be varied but they mostly centre on a sense of iequality creeping into the relationship and one party putting less store by it than the other. As a rule ,people find it much easier to remain friends when both continually remain on the same socio-economic level,than if one has drastic upswing in fortune leading to disparity.

Generally,people donot like to carry baggage from their modest days, when they are swirling in heady success .sadly,they are unaware of their loss.

Their is another reason why frienships go kaput overtime.And that is because of great expectations from one side,which are not reciprocated by the other.Overtime ,thissense of inequality in expectations creates a chasm that becomes unbridgeable.I know several people who would give their rightarm for their friends,but when their buddies are more circumspectabout their loyalities,fissures start creeping.I am not judging on the reasons for people being prudent;
Perhaps circumstances have changed,new priorities such as marriage and children may have crept in etc.But such changes need to be forced in.

finally i conclude ,friends is to keep it light .value it and do not expect too much from your friends;the weight of your expectations can sometimes break it up. OVER THE YEARS,LET YOUR FRIENDSHIP FIND ITS OWN WEIGHT AND LEVEL.


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