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It happens that the publication of this article, the article written by me basically focus on the issue or term students mind strategy prevailing these days


The importance of this article and the strategies embedded in this article for a learner cannot be simply measured by their frequency in the present way of life of a student.


Although the explanations make use of words of high frequency in naturally occurring usage, they themselves bear little resemblance to what naturally occurs.

So I hope this article finds the readers in good mood and make them follow few of the methods to boost their trickling life without any obstacles.


The present way of the students and the way of opting their lead made me to write this article. Where am part of it.

An attempt is made to motivate the students on human, moral and spiritual values, which are the need of the day by presenting few adages on each page .This, the author believes will help the students to inculcate positive mental attitude and develop their personality.

Note: The article is written, not to mean any one .if any sentence or word personally suits anybody please regret .There may be few mistakes encrypted in this article if any, please bring to my notice.                 (Drop your suggestions                                                          to my mail

My special thanks to my friends for their support.


Now a day, the students assume his own definition to the way of life he is leading. But this doesn’t lead to his path cent percent until and unless he realizes the way he has defined it.

So this is not the way to achieve our goals.       “The real test of power is not capacity to make war but capacity to prevent it”.

So the students, making up their own definition cannot kick himself towards his goal. But the way he thinks, the way he does really matters and this depends on the strategies opted.

I divide this article into three parts based on mind set (strategies) he has:

1) Students mind set influenced by parents,

2) Students mind set influenced by surroundings.

3) Student having his own mind set (variable).

Part one:

The students whose mindset influenced by parents.

The students categorized under this will enact as per their parents advice. This student sets their goal on their own interest and parental advice. Their every action comprises their obedience to their parents and the count of this student is decreasing as days proceed.  But about 60% are successful the strength lying under this and can be able to make their life meaningful.

The remaining 40%deny the decisions made by parents and do not involve in setting their goal. But when they start toiling to reach goal, they feel incapacitated and loose confidence in themselves. In this way they do not make out their own decisions and  so their parents.  Their mindset will be totally disturbed at every moment and they will not concentrate on on the present.


Part two:

The students who takes decisions \sets his depending on what other takes, such students usually seem to be magnets for failure and unhappiness. their plans go alury have a potential to destroying their own potential.sucess and nothing seems to work out for them. A counselor comes across many such students .Their problems usually stem from a difficulty with self acceptance . when they are helped to gain more confidence, often their troubles take care of themselves .

So such students ,one can change his self perception.

A  person with  low self image is doomed to a life of unhappiness and failure . It is possible to get rid of negative attitudes and gain the confidence needed to realize one’s dreams .

Part three:

The students whose mind set is variant from time to time. Such students do not lie on one decision.

They toggle between happiness and failure. This happens due to the following factors

1) Laziness

2) Negligence

3) Overconfidence

4) Anxiety

These factors contribute to their failure.

For example; A student thinks to do a work, he   himself suggests to do it in different ways and as the time passes he fails to do it, Initially the anxiety towards the work makes him to attempt and due to laziness he postpones the work to the other day ,as the days climb he neglects that work. In this way he thinks to do many tings at single lap, but finally due to above factors he fails to settle on one decision.

So the students with positive attitude and confidence are the key to success, but the same student can lock the success with their overconfidence.

Many feel that because they are not as smart or good looking or witty as others, they feel inferior .probably no habit chips away at our self-confidence quite so effectively as that of scanning the people around us to see how we compare. And when we find that some one is indeed smarter, better looking or Witter, it diminishes our sense of self worth.

Our success at business, sports, friendship, love-nearly every enterprise is largely determined by our own self-confidence .people who have confidence in their personal worth seem to be magnets for success and happiness.

Student’s worries:            (source: brain wave’s groups

New world teen study)


One of the thorniest questions before the country today pertains to the problems and stresses faced by teenagers.

It can be classified into three broad groups:

a) Educational

b) Personal health and relationships

c) Employment.

It is natural that educational problems related to

1) Finishing of education in a well deserved manner and

2) Passing the exams creditably to get a university degree rank as primary worries .More than half 52% to 54% teenagers to be precise are victims of these two types of worries.

Personal health is the concern of about 54% teenagers where as 63% are worried about their aging parents .

57% teenagers are emotionally attached with their relatives or peers.

We all know that worry is a silent killer. Tension and stress are severe health hazards as they block physical, mental, emotional and psychological development.

The problems of the teenagers call for an immediate attention on the part of parents and educationists.

Suggestions to have a positive mind set:

  • One should have two qualities in them good and evil, Evil wins when good shuts its eyes. So one should realize good in them.
  • One should be clear in making decisions.
  • One should have a goal, to make his life meaningful.(He/she can picturise their goals on paper and they can glance every day so that he gets answer to his survival).


  • One should not allow problem to become his captain. Defeat the problem and succeed. (abdul kalam)



  • One should acquire knowledge in multiple ways, and should work hard with devotion.
  • One should think in a big way.

There is a famous saying in thirukural by saint poet thiruvalluvar.

“Vellathanaythu malar neetam mandar tham

Ullathanaytu uyar vult”

It means that, just like the height of the water in a pond determines the height to which a Lily would grow.


  • It is the height of thoughts that determines the heights to which you could aspire for.



So we the students should have great thoughts, great aims and when thoughts become transformed with perseverance and devotion, success has to follow.











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