firstly I thank all my readers making my first article successful. An innocent girl is the story of an ambitious girl.These day’s women making their lead in each and every field. And even the pinching acts going on though achieving progress in women this made me to write this story. This story runs between a girl and her surroundings.


NOTE: This story is not to mean any person either personally or mentally; the characters involved in this are just the imaginations of writer and the chief attraction lies in the character of girl. And I THANK MY FRIEND in inspiring me to write this story.

An innocent girl

There is a family living in a village named bharatpur.  They had a beautiful child named swapnika. As usual every parent assumes his/her child future in greater way. Their every deed shows their love towards their children. Similarly they had a lot of hopes on her little daughter; she has grown in laps of love and affection of their parents made her bounded to them. she has completed her schooling and secondary education in her town. She got a seat in btech away from their town so time has come to leave her parents. Her content towards her parents initially denied to join in the college but finally agreed to grace her parents.


she initially felt happy starring her new college, her parents took her to  hostel room and left to pay the bills. She kept crying in her room, this scene made her parents  eyes roll with tears  .she walked towards her parents and lied in their hug and that made her feel comfortable . Her roommates consoled her and brought the sentimental scene to normal .

The next day dawned clear and bright. She awoke, feeling happy and some fear to address her first class of btech.Different from all the time her appearance was much beautiful in white dress, twinkling rings and jewelling bangles that made every boy gaze at her . Her voice is so cool which presumes voice   of lathamangeskar .As she entered the class every eye hacked on her and a boy named prakash drafted her image in his mind which proves his first impression on her. She topped every exam and her academics proved her best . The days passing away  every situation provoking her fear of ignorance and innocence. Prakash made every situation possible to talk with her and her nature turned her to do friendship with him. The days made their friendship turned out to love .she got crazy about him ,every message blinked in her mobile, assumed  it from prakash.And finally they entered third year of btech They both got placed in MNC’S.And she out of  disgrace asked him will u marry me after u got settled he comforted her with his answer “yes” . Days passed away prakash joined in his company without letting her partner know .she was in a mood of thinking  about him daily and every instant ,And he totally avoided her not even text or phone call tracked her. she was totally distressed and thinking that her partner cheated her and she finally tried to opt for suicide out of sensitiveness and realizing her situations and her idiotic decision her friend provoked her saying words like this……………

No man is completely happy……

In this present scenario situations ,for every mistake involving women. She is head haunted for every mistake though the problem is with men is more pronounced .

One’s happiness is dependent on  conditions and factors beyond one’s control. The result is; it is impossible to attain complete happiness. But Ill health or mental suffering           OR Both seem to be the common lot of mankind, again man’s happiness greatly depends upon those whom he has to deal with daily life .plenty doesn’t seem to solve the problem; for the more one has, the more one desires. Perfect CONTENTMENT ever remains an ideal to be realized. The  sentiment of compassion in man prevents him from being happy. So life is not an unmixed joy .It is well  worth considering the effect of this on life. In this way Her friend  morally boosted her and his words highly influenced her .And she finally laid a platform to get settled on her legs she worked over maturity and that brought more rejoice in her .      Her Hard work made the companies to haunt her and she was finally selected as managing director to her surprise where her partner is working on. And she avoids prakash ,and prakash feels much suppressed and realizes his mistake and he tries to explain his situations to her but it falls on dumb ears. As the days passed she understands him and finally she marries him.


So finally I would conclude that women are to be more pronounced in matured thinking and wise decision making in fields of  education,carrier,partner and health.


And we men should do understand them should not show our foolishness in regard of women. so guys try to impress girls but shouldn’t enforce them to be with us.



5 thoughts on “AN INNOCENT GIRL

  1. its nice,you should have given some more in the conclusion.It is good attempt i wish you to write many more in future.thankyou.

  2. ur attitude towrds gals is really really lovable….!!!!!!! but at the end y the gal shud marry the same person?????

  3. nice story…………….. but Y did he marry the same gal at the end, which is impossible now a days…………… try 2 be realistic even in stories dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the article has good stuff bt the conclusion was not good. y that girl should marry him even after betraying her.

  5. Hi! annaya this is chaitanya…sister of ravikiran. i read ur article ‘innocent girl’ its fabulous. the way u understand a girl & ur message is simply superb…

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